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Flavor Contest

The Flavor Contest

Do you have what it takes?

Traditional and contemporary, from gourmet to straight-up crazy, our flavors embrace the meaning of the holiday by offering everyone some flavor that will make their day.  Every flavor we offer is inspired by a specific person and what they love.  What flavor would make your day?


The winning flavor will be featured in NYB's lineup next year, and the creator will take home a box of hamantaschen on the house.

Thanks for submitting!

Congratulations to Destiny Strange, our 2023 flavor contest winner! Destiny's winning flavor submission:  

Strawberry Cheesecake

Fresh roasted strawberries topped with a loaded swirl of vanilla bean cheesecake.


Destiny has chosen to donate half the proceeds of her hamantaschen to the Loveland Foundation.


Flavor Graveyard

Some flavors have been major hits. Here are some that haven't.

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