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Who are we?

For the Purim festival, Jewish people around the world share gift baskets called mishloach manot ("sending of portions"), featuring perhaps Judaism's most famous cookie: the hamantasch.  

While some bake them and others prefer to buy them, the cookie's common shortcomings are nearly as famous as its name. A powdered sugar-doused, overcooked biscuit, a knob of canned jelly boasting the congealed-Jello texture of stale deli cookies and the appeal of the glamorous Red #40—sound familiar?

If that's what you're looking for, you won't find it here.


NYB hamantaschen are buttery, slightly crisp on the outside, and overflowing with a generous scoop of filling homemade from scratch using only the freshest fruits at our local market and top-quality spices from our spice house.


It all started as a family recipe. Honing the craft since 2004, each year two kids and their dad would bake up a couple dozen hamantaschen to disseminate to friends, relatives, and local teachers (just to spread smiles).  Then dozens became hundreds, and then thousands. In the process, those two kids perfected our signature dough and an assortment of creative fillings, and we add new ones each year. Results of our test kitchen trials can be found in the flavor graveyard.


When those two kids went to college and joined with a team of friends to elevate the operation, Not Your Bubbe's was born. Over three years, NYB skyrocketed to East Coast popularity as the Purim favorite of locals and students from Tufts, MIT, Harvard, and beyond. Though NYB currently serves mainly from Chicago, select flavors may be available at our Boston and St. Louis locations.

Hailed "the Rolls-Royce of hamantaschen," we're humbled to hold the record for the widest flavor assortment in the world and serve thousands of community members annually. And since proceeds go to charity, you don't even have to feel guilty about indulging.

Now, go make someone's day.


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