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  • Why do I have to pre-order? Can't I just order on Purim?
    Having hamantaschen available to order on-the-spot means predicting demand. Either we don't bake enough of the flavors folks want that day (sad!) or we bake too many (food waste, less money for charity). To ensure we come out exactly even and can donate as many proceeds as possible, we ask that you place your order by March 15 so it's ready for fresh pickup on Purim!
  • Where is NYB located?
    We travel across the country and are working on operationalizing popups in multiple locations. This year, NYB is in Chicago's West Loop. If you don't live in the Windy City, participate in our sweepstakes for a chance to win delivery!
  • How do I pick up my order? Is it instant?
    To keep operating costs low and donations high, NYB is pre-order only. That means we need time to process your order, purchase exactly the right number of fruits and eggs and bakery boxes, and then prepare your hamantaschen just the way you requested (this takes some time). When your hamantaschen are ready for pickup right before Purim (March 23), we will reach out with directions to our pickup location here in Chicago's West Loop. For sweepstakes participants, you will be notified by March 17 whether you have won a free delivery.
  • Are all profits really donated?
    You bet. 50% of each cookie's profit is donated to the charities delineated on the VALUES page. All the rest of the profit goes to fund future activities to serve the Jewish community.
  • Are NYB hamantaschen kosher?
    All of our ingredients are kosher milchig or pareve. We use dairy in our dough and some fillings, but we do not use Chalav Yisrael. A mashgiach is not present. For more information regarding our kashruth policies, feel free to contact
  • Should I worry about allergens?
    Our dough contains common allergens including dairy, wheat, and eggs. Some of the fillings contain soy, corn, or nuts, including peanuts. While each filling is described on the order form, any hamantaschen may contain traces of these allergens, as they are produced in the same facility and may share baking trays. For specifics, feel free to contact
  • How about vegan or gluten free options?
    Our dough recipe includes eggs, milk, and butter. However, if alternatives would be important to you, then submit your suggestion to our Flavor Contest and we'll start experimenting for a way to make it happen.
  • How do you price bulk orders?
    For orders over 75 units, there is a flat surcharge of $25. For orders over 175 units, there is a flat surcharge of $50. This enables us to secure sufficient packaging outside our standard-size NYB boxes.
  • What is Purim?
    Purim is a joyous Jewish festival celebrated in the Spring. "Purim" means “lots” in ancient Persian, as infamous vizier Haman had drawn lots to determine when he would execute his genocide. You can pronounce this name many ways. In Eastern tradition, it is called poo-REEM. Among Westerners, it is often called PU-rim. Traditionally, people give gifts and food to make other people's day. Learn more:
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